13 Eylül 2019

15th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition will be held in Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Belek, Antalya, Turkey organized by Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association between 8th and 11th October, 2019. The program is open for both national and international attendees from cement industry, service and technology providers. The event is important for the manufacturers to follow up the recent developments and creates an opportunity for the participants to consider the new investments while having a chance to benchmark their business for every two years. 14th TÇMB International Technical Seminar and Exhibition held in 2017 was found very successful by global cement industry with the participation of more than 576 participants, from 131 foreign and national companies of cement and related industries. The main theme for the 2019 Seminar is “Towards Circular Green Economy and Digital Transformation” and we believe that it will leave a mark as it was in the past years. Today, in which the Circular Economy and Digital Transformation activities continue intensively in the cement sector, our aim is to share new projects and innovative ideas of the sector and its suppliers thru this event. Affordable and climate friendly energy gains importance. What is more, it is intend to contribute to the green transformation of the cities and the world by using the reasonable source and technology choice, energy efficient & environmentally sensitive plants, alternative fuel and raw material usage with safety-enhanced systems through health and safety chain. The programme will start on October 8, with the Welcome Cocktail and the opening of the exhibition hall. On the October 9, the official programme will start by opening speeches of top executives of Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB), China Cement Association, Indian Cement Association, Russian Cement Association and World Cement Association. After the opening speeches, the companies will address the audiences with their technical presentations under the topic of “Towards Circular Green Economy and Digital Transformation” and related topics of the sector during two days. Main Theme: TOWARDS CIRCULAR GREEN ECONOMY AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION


Energy Recovery from Urban Solid Waste

Industry 4.0

Innovative Production Technologies

Industrial Symbiosis

Zero Waste


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